Thursday, December 15, 2005

Alan Osmond and Strengthening Families

This is Alan Osmond with the One Heart Foundation for "Strengthening Families".
We support the values of and are looking for some positive experiences that you have had with your family that might help others.

With more than 28,000,000 scouts in the world there are many stories which have not been told. If the stories are not preserved from what source will the future generations learn? Pop artists use media to share their values, what are we doing to preserve our values.

As you know, the media often portrays and views family life a little differently than many of us . . . who have had great parents, a wonderful childhood, and now, children of our own. Would you mind sharing some of those values and experiences that have impacted your life and made a difference in becoming who you are today? Please click on the pencil icon to add your story.

Alan Osmond


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