Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What are your family stories of honor and heritage?

Are you proud of your heritage? Do you have a parent or grandparent who has influenced your life? if so, what story or event has forever helped guide you in life? Are you willing to take a moment and submit it for inclusion on our website or on this blog?

Scouting values which were reinforced by a leader or family member need to be preserved and passed to the future leaders of our world. Please join with us in submitting and helping preserve these traditional and timeless values.

What are the health issues your parents or grandparents faced as they have grown older? Have you heard of Family Health History month? Not only is learning about your heritage a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to your family, but discussions about healthy lifestyle should be part of this family time.

Today, Traditional Scouting Values are under attack. (link1)
Many of today's key decision makers were involved in scouting when they were young.(link2) The lessons they learned have carried them through life's challenges. How has your life has been influenced by a leader or scouting value? Our goal is to capture, preserve and pass traditional scouting values from generation to generation, let's start with 1,000,000 stories as a goal!



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